Glenshane Country Farm is my family owned sheep farm, based deep in the beautiful ancient landscape of the Sperrin Mountains with panoramic views across Northern Ireland.

In 2018 we opened Glenshane Country House, our 5 Star self-catering accommodation. This has brought visitors to our doorstep from all around the world. From then our love for the tourism industry was born and opening up our farm gates felt like the next natural step.

We began to explore how we could retune our authentic home-farm to offer something unique to the visitor that would be distinctive and appealing, something that would ignite their senses, ensure the experience captivates and delights them, but still be unique and traditional.

We have combined our passion for farming and our new love for tourism into one and hence our new immersive experience, Sheepdogs at Work, was brought to life.


Born: 1st of July 2013

Moss has been a trusted helper from an early age and loves to work close by to quickly solve tricky situations, but being a typical male like myself, you sometimes have to tell twice to get anything done!


Born: 08 of Jan 2016

Tess is the worker, there is no doubt about that. A daughter of the well-respected SILVER her confidence shines when she in full flight across the field sometimes showing me what to do!


Born: 24th of Nov 2018

Jess is learning the ropes and has come on leaps and bounds, but she has big shoes to fill, her very talented father GARY hailing from the Netherlands came 3rd in the World Championships in 2017!
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Glenshane Loader