Glenshane Country Farm is a working sheep farm owned by
Jamese McCloy. Four generations of Jamese’s family have been sheep farmers,
each more determined than the last to preserve the epic landscape around them.
Located on the Glenshane Pass, one of the highest mountain roads in Ireland, from here
you can see the real Ireland. Jamese began offering tours to visitors in 2019 and has since become a valued
and highly respected provider of a truly authentic Irish experience. Glenshane Country Farm is proud to
work with the following globally respected tour operators:
Custom Ireland
Crafted Ireland
Dalriada Kingdom Tours
Tourism Ireland
Dream Escape
Tourism Northern Ireland
Travel Group

About the Animals

The real stars of the farm are the many animals that make this their home. Working alongside our large flock of sheep, there are three talented and highly trained border collies called Moss, Tess and Jess. Being a respected breeder of border collies, Jamese has a family tree for each of his dogs and their talent and commitment can be traced back through generations.

Moss – Born 1st July 2013
Moss has been a trusted helper from an early age and loves to work close by to quickly solve tricky situations, but being a typical male like myself, you sometimes have to tell him twice to get anything done!

Tess – Born 08 Jan 2016
Tess is the worker, there is no doubt about that. A daughter of Silver, another well-respected working dog, her confidence shines when she’s in full flight across the field, sometimes showing me what to do!

Jess – Born 24th Nov 2018
Jess is learning the ropes and has come on leaps and bounds, but she has big shoes to fill. Her very talented father Gary, hailing from the Netherlands, came 3rd in the World Championships in 2017!

Finn & Erin – Born 3rd Oct 2020
Finn and Erin are Tess’s pride and joy. There’s no doubt they will have inherited her intelligence and stamina so we can’t wait to see how these pups thrive. Tess is doing her own version of home-schooling, training the pups to do as she does, while also doing her full time job in the fields. She really is one of the hardest working mothers in the country.

About Jamese

About Jamese

Jamese McCloy is a shepherd, sheep farmer and a highly respected local shearer who is delighted to be farming the fields he has loved since he was a child. Jamese’s standards are as high as the mountain peaks around him, so he aims to give the warmest welcome in Ireland and will settle for nothing less.

Jamese is also a fully qualified tour guide and has received a OCN NI Level 2 Award in Tour Guiding from the Northern Regional College.

I have always loved what I do, and I love it even more now that I can share it with visitors.

“I didn’t realise my life was so different until I had my first visitors to the farm – a family from the USA. They really loved watching me communicate with the sheepdogs and even more so when I taught them how. They loved standing between the earth and the sky, watching the sheep flowing down the fields. They loved the smell of hay and warmth of the shed, the sound of the shears snipping, the feel of the freshly shorn wool. They loved feeling really at home in a place they had never visited before.”

Jamese McCloy,
Owner of Glenshane Country Farm.

About The Farm 2

About the Farm

Glenshane Country Farm is located high up in the Sperrin Mountains. Our elevation means that you can see almost every part of the country from one side to the other. Our plans for the future are just as far reaching with new ideas being developed every year. This year should see us add to our purpose built Viewing Gallery and Shearing Shed with a Country Barn which will contain a cafe, gift shop and our Fleece to Fashion exhibition. Watch this space.